Finally. Some good news for all lovers of the Porsche cars in the island of Seychelles. A Seychelles based company is opening the doors to its showroom for all car enthusiasts after the successful launching of the Porsche hybrid in May. This move will give car overs the ability to order the normal Porsche brands and customized one for those who wish to take their love for the brand to a whole new level. Peter Pomeroy, one of the co-owners of the business expressed his optimism in their ability to ensure customers not only obtain a high quality of personalized services bit also create their own cars. Peter gives an example of how their prospective customers will choose their desired colors; form the external colors to the interior car seats and even engraving of their names on the seats or doors.

In an interview with SNA, Mr. Pomerey gave a timeline for six months as the guaranteed time for delivery of a custom car. Eden Plaza is to house the showroom on the outskirts of Victoria. The company has laid plans to ensure that their customers place orders and receive after-sales services at the delivery stage. The accessibility of Porsche cars in the island of Seychelles is a step in the positive direction according to Mr. Pomorey.

The Stuttgart based automobile company is known for the production of high-performance sports cars, SUVs and also wagons all over the world and Seychelles will have a closer taste of their automobile genius. The firm aims at introducing the Panarmera S E-hybrid which is basically a saloon car and a 4x4 Porsche going by the name Cayenne S E-hybrid. The price will be determined by the customized details a custom would wish to have, however, a general estimation of $115,000 to $307,000 was given.

Convectional Porsche cars can also be ordered but the prospective customers would have to bear the full burden of the charged levies. The Cayman, Boxster, and 911models are among the readily available prebuilt models that Mr. Pomreoy’s firm has in its showroom. The brand comes with its own perks, Pomeroy reveals of the preferential treatment accorded to him in England owing to the fact that he owns three Porsche cars. He further explains that it’s not only about buying a car but also the whole package and Ecarseychelles would ensure that its clients get a special feeling. He also encouraged customers not to be worried that the winding roads in the island would lower the driving experience. He further explains that Porsche cars were built for race tracks which are winding in nature thus the island of Seychelles would offer the ultimate Porsche driving experience. Eight cars have already been sold, a positive sign for the company.