It is necessary to maintain the car especially when it is low on oil, otherwise problems may occur, for example: increased friction between components may cause the engine to overheat, and in the worst case, some parts may seize due to lack of lubrication. 

It is also not good for the car to have too much oil. If you fill the engine with too much oil it can produce bubbles, which turns this lubricant into a foamy liquid full of air bubbles and loses its lubricating and cooling properties. When the oil is more foamy, it is more difficult for the engine to distribute it, and this could cause some parts not to receive enough oil, which can cause wear and tear and the engine can be damaged prematurely.

So how much oil should a car have? That will depend on your car's specifications, which are listed in the car's manual, however, many engines run on oil quantities between 4 to 6 gallons. Normally, the oil passes through a pan at the bottom of the engine and crankshaft. When you overfill the crankcase, then the crankshaft may look like a blender that stirs the oil at high speed and this causes foaming.

gray engine bay

The crankshaft is used to measure engine speed, and it always spins very rapidly when the engine is running. If the tachometer has 2,500 rpm at 75 mph, that means the crankshaft makes 2,500 revolutions per minute; and if you step on the accelerator pedal, it can go up to 5,000 rpm. 

Therefore, it is not recommended to overfill the engine with oil because it increases the pressure, puts more pressure on the seals and gaskets and can cause the oil to leak out of the engine. Over the years, this pressure causes wear on seals and gaskets. Auto repair shops often overfill the oil pan instead of pouring it into a quart or gallon container. The technician may hold down the pump trigger for too long and may not look at the dipstick.

We hope this advice will help you to extend the life of your car, it is necessary to maintain the oil level according to the manual of your car, or somehow consult with a technician.