If you are planning to buy or import a car in Seychelles, then you may be interested in these recommendations on how to import used cars in Seychelles. Japanese vehicles are imported into this country. Some things you should keep in mind are:

Age restrictions. Any vehicle you are importing must not be more than three years old. Discharge Ports. The cars are unloaded at the port of Victoria and the shipping time is 20 to 45 days. And then they go through a customs inspection process to verify if it meets all the requirements. Another port can be the Port of Mahe for all residents. You can also buy right hand drive cars. 

Keep this in mind if you are going to import a used car

It must only be for passenger use, i.e., personal use, work, or family outings. A person can only buy one vehicle. If a resident buys a car, and it leaves the country and returns again. Then, he/she cannot buy another car, regardless of his/her income, or if it is another type of vehicle such as a motorcycle.

Seychelles residents can only buy vehicles for personal transport, not for business or public transport, which will be regulated by HS code 8703. If a car is more than three years old, the importer will have problems with customs. In that country people drive on the right, therefore cars must have the steering wheel on the right. 

If you bought a car in Seychelles, regardless of whether you are a resident or a graduate, you should be careful when buying a vehicle since in that country you will not be allowed to sell or transfer the car until two years after you have bought it or registered it with the Seychelles License Authority. 

You must be careful when importing certain types of vehicles, as some are not allowed such as: cranes, trucks, forklift. Some types of engines such as Chassis fitted with engines. Some of the documents you will need to import a vehicle are: Invoice/Receipts, Copy of passport in Seychelles, Bill of Lading, Import permit, Prove of ownership of the vehicle and your driving license. You should also inquire about import charges before purchasing a vehicle.